09-27-2011     Zack, looking pretty as hell for career day.

     09-27-2011     General living space for APT 91, Canterbury.

     09-27-2011     Sean and Rachel\'s living space.

     09-27-2011     HWY 182, Starkville.

     09-26-2011     Some gas pipeline right-of-way in Starkville, near Canterbury.

     09-26-2011     Simrall -- the EE building. Notice the lovely windows.

     09-26-2011     Seen walking out of campus down East Lee Blvd. towards Canterbury.

     09-26-2011     A foggy morning before class, Canterbury.

     09-13-2011     Enjoying the afternoon at Canterbury.

     09-13-2011     Sean sleeping.

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