10-10-2011     Parked somewhere in Gretna, LA, waiting for the word from the rest of our friends.

     10-10-2011     Zack and Thomas in front of a suburban in the Bay. Zack and I have always been interested in these potential adventure vehicles. Several years ago Zack had the idea of buying a van, but it fell through. Zack\'s typical excuse is money. I think it\'s all bullshit. Damnit Zack go buy a van and quit bitching.

     10-10-2011     Zack outside the apartment with his fucked up bike -- some dude on a motorcycle hit him and apparently Zack sustained no damage which was impressive -- Zack will never ride that bike, or any other bike, again. Goddamnit.

     10-10-2011     Sean and Rachel outside of our beautiful apartment.

     10-10-2011     Rachel mixing some drink on the roof of my car. I guess we were at a party. She got really drunk.

     10-10-2011     The bike rack couch.

     10-10-2011     This cat never lets me pick him up.

     10-10-2011     Sean and Rachel at the pool. @ the Pointe.

     10-10-2011     Sean and Jeff on Jeff\'s back porch.

     10-10-2011     Bought a KLR 250 in Oxford for the right price of $875. Many adventures to come. Thanks to Matt for providing the transport. The color scheme leaves much to be desired. Maybe Ill paint it later. Or maybe I won\'t. I think it kinda looks good in a hilarious sort of way. We\'ll see.

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