08-09-2011     Scaling the bluff with Thomas, Soldier\'s Grove, WI.

     08-09-2011     Thomas chilling in one of the rooms inside of the House On The Rock. This place blew me away. A total man cave acid lounge carved out of stone back in the 50\'s and 60\'s by this guy named Alex Jordan. South of Spring Green, WI.

     08-08-2011     A view of Wisconsin from the roof of The House On The Rock. Near dusk.

     08-08-2011     Shag carpet was everywhere in this place, and it never got old. Also, those lamps are most excellent.

     08-08-2011     A view of the forest below from The House On The Rock.

     08-08-2011     Another view of my grandpa\'s messy driveway. God I love it.

     08-06-2011     Part of my grandpa\'s office. Every morning sun comes through that window and illuminates the small dust particles that are perpetually hovering around. It\'s not really visible here, due to poor skills on my part.

     08-06-2011     Soldier\'s Grove, WI.

     08-06-2011     An algae covered pond in Soldier\'s Grove, WI.

     08-06-2011     A view of my grandparent\'s house from the road. Soldier\'s Grove, WI.

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