10-23-2011     Some rode near the airport in Columbus. I liked how the trees almost made it a tunnel of sorts.

     10-16-2011     Beer fridge, Ward\'s.

     10-16-2011     MAC\'s birthday -- the hot girl on the right. We all just stood/sat around that table for the better part of 4 hours, but had a good time.

     10-16-2011     Alex\'s fixie parked near Kit\'s 3-speed (it\'s like the best attributes of the fixie mixed with a road bike).

     10-16-2011     MAC\'s birthday cake. Campus trails apartments.

     10-16-2011     The Weeks.

     10-16-2011      The Weeks playing in the State Theater Ball Room. This was for sure the best concert/show I\'ve ever been to in my entire life. The whole began at this house called the Garden Center which is a house owned by several guys who turned it into a party and concert venue. It\'s not legit in terms of licenses and all, but it still operates. Well, The Weeks were scheduled to play along with Colour Revolt the last weekend in October. Right as the opening band, The Cicadas, were finishing up, the cops showed up and busted the party for lack of a beer license. Or something like that. Everyone who showed up had payed 10 or 15 dollars. No one got their money back. There were alot of angry people standing around hoping for their money back, but the cops just took it and told everyone to go home. Eventually a few of us decided it might be a good idea to try to relocate the remainder of the show, because alot of people were really looking forward to it (including ourselves). So there is this guy named Miles. He has this house on University Dr. It\'s such a popular party venue that it\'s been notoriously named the 522 (it\'s part of the address). Alex and I tweeted to The Weeks that they could go to the 522 to play instead. Miles wasn\'t home, and when his half asleep roomate answered the door, we gave Miles a call (who works the bar at State Theater) and asked if we could have the bands play at State Theater. State Theater was already full with some dubstep shit, but Miles said there was an old ballrooom located on the second floor that could be used. After shooting the shit with The Weeks for a while on Miles\'s front porch, we made our way down to the Theater and helped set up. All the while twitter had been doing its thing and apparently everyone who originally bought tickets found out about the change in plans. The ballroom was absolutely packed with people. Once the band started playing, more energy flowed in that room than I have ever personally experienced anywhere in my life. The floor was shaking and bowing under the weight of the crowd. I\'m not really sure how to explain the emotions, but it was a breath of fresh air that everyone was dying for. Afterwards I tried my best to thank the band for the mindfuck that ensued, and then shot the shit about photography with their drummer for a while. Also, there was a cat that apparently traveled with the band during their tours. He was cute as hell.

     10-16-2011     Zack fucking around in the State Theater upstairs ballroom.

     10-16-2011     The Cicadas at the Garden Center -- somehow the drummer could drum role with only one hand.

     10-16-2011     Zack downing something outside of the liquor store that Andrew works at. Near HWY 12 in Starkville.

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